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I needed to get new set of keys for my father-in-law's Mercedes Benz S-Klasse AMG, and Colby from Locksmith of Metuchen was right on time, worked very quietly and was very skilled. Would definitely recommend! (Debby V. Metuchen )

Locksmith of Metuchen and Ivory are absolutely lifesavers!! They arrived in 15 minutes near Plainfield Rd and unlocked my car (2012 Mitsubishi ) door with ease! Highly recommended !!! @ Trevino Q., Plainfield Road Metuchen

I wanted to get new keys for my sister's Audi S6, and Colby of Locksmith of Metuchen came exactly on time, worked very discreetly and was very trained. Would definitely recommend! @ Davis F., Metuchen

I needed to get new keys for my in-laws's 2005 Isuzu, and Daren of Locksmith of Metuchen arrived exactly on time, worked very quietly and was very approved. Would definitely recommend! - Leonor H., Metuchen NJ

One of our Miseno locks has not been working for a while. We asked a local locksmith (NOT Locksmith of Metuchen) to repair it; he just took the lock off the door, installed it back in and charged us a bunch of money. And it still didn't work properly. Disappointed, we looked for another local locksmith and fortunately discovered Locksmith of Metuchen, who repaired it and charged much less. @ Alta J., Main Street New Jersey Metuchen